3 Things You Might Not Know About High Point Commons

Oct 23rd

At High Point Commons, we know it’s not just where you live; it's how you live. At first glance, you’ll notice our unbeatable west-side location, dignified living, and affordable price. But looking closer, you’ll see our friendly, professional, and responsive management team. Plus, our spacious apartments are in smaller, more intimate buildings rather than the big-box-long-hallway-hotel-type structures found elsewhere. But there’s more to our community than what meets the eye! Keep reading for some features of ours that may surprise you. 

The High Point Commons Nature Book

We bet you didn’t know our Property Manager, Alex, created an amazing activity book for kids! With nature spotting, coloring, activities, and more, it’s such a fun way to welcome families to High Point Commons. Plus, it’s a great way for new and current residents to explore our 15-acre village-like setting. Children and adults alike will find joy in this book! Residents, make sure to grab one from the office!

Our Little Free Library

We’re so proud of our community values here at High Point Commons - you can see it on every corner! One of our favorite features is our Little Free Library. We keep it stocked with fun reads for the family so our residents can read, share, and connect with each other over a love of books. You can even find our HPC Nature Book here, too! They’re available for everyone to use as they wish.

Our Park-like Setting

Sometimes, we have to remind ourselves that we’re in Madison - not Narnia! High Point Commons’ 15-acre, village-like setting boasts manicured lawns and beautiful landscaping, making for a property that is otherworldly. Equipped with grilling areas, outdoor seating, a playground, and well-kept walkways, HPC is perfect for any Madisonian who enjoys the outdoors. Our team frequently takes walks around our community, ensuring everything is kept beautiful, so don’t be shy if you see them out and about - say “hello!”

Here at High Point Commons, we know the details make all the difference when choosing your home. From our exterior to our amenities to our team, you'll feel on your first visit that HPC is one of Madison’s best values (and locations!) for apartment home living. Through today’s blog, we hope you’ve learned more about us and gotten a full picture of life in our community beyond first glance. If you’d like to visit us and see all of these wonderful features for yourself, head to our HPC page to schedule a tour today!