About Us

At West Madison Apartments, we strive to provide the highest level of customer service so our Residents always feel truly at home. 

To achieve this goal we will:

1. Always treat you with respect, including maintaining a strict non-discrimination policy. 

2. Take care of our employees and expect them to, in turn, provide you with outstanding service. 

3. Complete work orders the same day whenever possible and only exceed 24 hours to complete repairs for reasons beyond our control. 

4. Maintain your home to the highest standards. 

5. Continually look for ways to improve your home and the service we provide you. 

6. Go beyond what is expected, whenever possible. 

If we are unable to meet your expectations we pledge to explain our reasons why and explore alternative solutions. 

If you feel we have failed to meet your expectations, or if you simply have an improvement you would like to suggest, we would sincerely appreciate you contacting a member of our management team. 


The Management and Staff at West Madison Apartments


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