Indoor Activities to Beat the Winter Blues

Jan 20th

Winter has arrived, and we've compiled a list of indoor activities to keep you cozy and entertained. Here are some ideas to help you beat the winter blues without having to leave home!

Cooking Classes: Spice Up Your Culinary Skills

Warm up your kitchen and your taste buds with virtual cooking classes. Discover new recipes and cooking techniques, and enjoy delicious meals, all while staying indoors. You can choose from various cuisines like Italian, Mexican, Thai, and many more. From classic dishes like pizza, pasta, and tacos to sweet treats like chocolate and mochi ice cream, there are a variety of virtual cooking classes for you to explore.

Book Clubs: Connect Through a Good Read

Join a virtual book club and dive into the world of literature from the comfort of your couch. Connect with fellow book lovers and discuss your favorite reads. Whether you prefer classic novels or hidden gems, a book club offers the opportunity to expand your reading list, gain new perspectives, and make new connections. Interested in starting your own book club? Check out these Book Club Kits offered by the Madison Public Library.

Indoor Gardening: Bring Nature Inside

Add a touch of greenery to your apartment with indoor gardening. Grow herbs and succulents, or start a small vegetable garden. With indoor gardening, you can create a mini oasis in your home and enjoy the beauty of nature all year round. Check out these tips for successful indoor growing.

Board Games and Puzzles: Family Fun Nights

Have a blast with family and friends by hosting game nights. Explore a variety of board games and puzzles from local shops like I'm Board! Games & Family Fun and Pegasus Games. Don’t forget to enhance the cozy atmosphere with snacks, drinks, and your favorite tunes!

Whether you're taking virtual cooking classes, joining a book club, starting an indoor garden, or hosting a family game night, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Stay warm, stay engaged, and turn your apartment into a cozy retreat this winter!