Madison: The City For Graduates

Jul 24th

Whether you’re an undergraduate or postgraduate, Madison is a great city for graduates. Don’t just take our word for it! Not only was it named the best city to live in the USA in 2022 by Livability, it’s also included as #1 on their list of college towns to live in after graduation. 

Here’s why we love our city so much.

Our people. 

Madison is truly unique in being a major city, but having that small town feel. Our population is much smaller than other cities in the nation (just under 270,000 people), but still offers everything you could ever want. Plus, more than half of that population is under the age of 30, providing a young and thriving community to live and study in.

Our job sectors. 

Madison's job sector has a great deal of variety and provides graduates with a solid foundation for their careers. Opportunities range from agriculture, to advanced manufacturing, to health care, IT and it’s only growing. There’s a reason why cutting-edge companies such as Zendesk and Epic have bases here. So, if you’re considering where you might want to study or live after graduation, this is one reason to put Madison at the top of your list. 

Our culture. 

One of the most magical aspects of living in Madison is its culture. There’s no shortage of food, art, music and history in Madison and so much of it is free. Some of our favorites in the Downtown area are:

  • Concerts on the Square in the summer months
  • The Farmers Market, Art Fair on The Square and Taste of Madison at different parts of the year. 
  • The Children’s Museum with interactive play and a ton of activities for little ones.
  • The Overture Center with its beautiful architecture and live shows throughout the season.
  • The Memorial Union where you can sit and enjoy views on the shores of Lake Mendota.
  • The incredible restaurants from RED Sushi to Graze.

And the list goes on…! 

Madison truly has something for everyone, but there are so many benefits for graduating students. If you’re thinking about moving and have questions for us, reach out to us any time!